Andreas Vonder

Dutch playwright, Andreas Vonder, was born in 1972 in the Netherlands and studied linguistics and literature at the University of Amsterdam. 1997 he debuted with the play „Sirene Rust“. Since 1999, Vonder frequently works in Germany. Commissioned by the fringe ensemble he developed www.hotel.e (1999), Modus (2001), Der Sprechhund (2003), Königsmörder/Regicide (2005) and Finnland/Finland (2011). With the American choreographer Dyane Nyman he produced the play “Einbruch” (2003).

In the Netherlands, his works have been staged at the Oerol Festival in De Balie and at the Over t IJ Festival. In 2004 Vonder received the Ina Dammanprijs for his thesis „In navolging van Nietzsche“. Since 2006 he has been editor of the website „Literair Nederland“ and a member of the Amsterdam theater group, KLEIN LAND.