Jens-Martin Eriksen

Born in 1955 in Denmark, Jens-Martin Eriksen, is the author of short prose, essays, plays and travelogues. He has received numerous awards in Denmark, including the Beatrice Price of the Danish Academy and the honorary award from the National Endowment for the Arts.
His works have been translated into several European languages. Two of his books have been translated into German and are available from Liebeskind Publishing: „Jonathan Svidts crimes“ and Winter im Morgengrauen/Winter at dawn. In 2009 Frank Heuel discovered the latter novel for the stage and got in touch with Eriksen. This first stage contact resulted in the cooperation for Finnland/Finland in 2011.

Recently Eriksen presented his play, Der Prozess gegen Malaparte/The Trial of Malaparte, to the fringe ensemble for a stage reading.

You can find more information on Jens-Martin Eriksen on his Homepage.