Kaśka Bryla

Kaśka Bryla studied economics in Vienna, scenic writing at the UDK in Berlin and literary writing in Leipzig, where she co-founded the author network and the literary magazine PS: Politisch Schreiben in 2015. While she has been realizing her dramatic works in the independent scene since 2015, she publishes
she publishes her long prose with the Austrian Residenz Verlag. In 2020, her debut novel “Red Monkey” was published there. In March 2022, the second novel “The loons” will be published. Among her scholarships and awards are the
Austrian Exile Prize and most recently the Vienna Literature Fellowship 2022.

Kaska Bryla is connected with the fringe ensemble by the joint work “Outside and On Site”, commissioned by the ITI for the framework program of the Theaterpreis des Bundes. Kaśka Bryla is one of the authors of “Wonderland” (2023).


Photo: Carolin Krahl