Magdalena Barile

Since her graduation from the theater school Paolo Grassi in Milan in 2003, Magdalena Barile (* 1978 in Italy) has been engaged as a screenwriter for Italian and Swiss television. She has been collaborating as playwright and dramaturge with different Italian theater companies (Accademia degli Artefatti, Animanera, In Balia a. o.). Her text ONE DAY (2010) has been published by the Italian theatre publisher Titivillus and was chosen for the European project Face à Face : Paroles d’Italie pour les scènes de France. In 2012 she worked as a dramaturge for FATZER FRAGMENT / GETTING LOST FASTER after Bertolt Brecht, a coproduction between Teatro Stabile di Torino and Volksbühne Berlin.

Magdalena Barile is one of the authors of the project VÖLKERSCHLACHTEN.