Alexander Molchanov

Alexander Molchanov (* 1974 oin Russia) earned a degree in screenwriting from the VGIK State Institute of Cinematography, Moscow in 2008. He is a playwright, screenwriter and lecturor at the Moscow Film School as well as the leader of the project Kino bez plenki (Cinema Without Film) in Teatr.doc. He wrote scripts for popular Russian TV series, e.g. ZAHVATCHIKI (THE INVADERS) and MOSKVA. CENTRALNYJ OKRUG (MOSCOW. CENTRAL DISTRICT), an adaptation of the American series PRISON BREAK. Among his theater plays are SNEZHNYJ GORODOK (SNOW TOWN, 2005), DNEVNIK SHAHIDA (SHAHEED’S DIARY, 2006) and ZHERTVA (VICTIM, 2010). His play UBIJCA (MURDERER, 2009) has been a nationwide success in Russia and received a number of awards, among others the Audience Award at the biennial festival New Plays From Europe 2012 in Wiesbaden.

Alexander Molchanov is one of the authors of the project VÖLKERSCHLACHTEN.