Ivo Briedis

Ivo Briedis, born in Riga (LV) in 1968, is a theater and screenwriter and works as an actor and director for radio, film and theater. He also writes and develops experimental, site-specific and classical theater productions for children of all ages.

His plays and texts have been staged nationally and internationally, and his films have been shown worldwide. His recent works include the documentary “Homo Sovieticus” (2021 ), the site-specific theater performance “Normal Cake, Please” (2021 ), and the script for the television miniseries “Emily. Queen of the Press”(2021).

Briedis is also a lecturer in dramatic writing at the Latvian Academy of Culture and a member of the expert committees of the National Film Center in Latvia. He is currently doing his PhD on the topic of “The playwright as a character in his own work”.

Ivo Briedis has been working with Frank Heuel and the fringe ensemble for a long time:“Fiction Impossible“, “Finland“, “Völkerschlachten NRW”, “Vor den Hunden – Theater aus Europa”, “Macbeth over Europe”, “Es kann nur ein Sieger sein” and most recently “Outside our doors”. Ivo Briedis is one of the authors of “Wunderland” (2023).