Collectif Qu’on sonne & voix-ailes

The Burkinabe slammers move on the border between poetry slam and theater and are among the most influential formations of the Burkinabe slam scene. They are authors and performers. Kibsa Anthony Ouedraogo: Tony is a slammer, comedian and passionate writer, writing poetry, novellas and plays. He is part of the author team of “Wunderland” in 2023.

Christian Léger Dah: Térence is a slammer and comedian. After his training at the Centre de Formation et de Recherche en Art Vivant (CFRAV), he made his stage debut as a slammer in 2007.

Bérenger Abdelaziz Yameogo: B-Rangé devoted himself to art at a young age and made a name for himself as a draftsman in particular.

Slammer Hamidou Valian, who co-founded the collective, died of malaria in 2018.

Frank Heuel met the Collectif in 2017 in Burkina Faso while working on the piece “La Terre Ton Ami”. They worked together for the second time in 2018 for “Brillante Saleté – Shiny Dirt”. Kibsa Anthony Ourdraogo is also featured as a solo artist in the production “Noise.”