Zwischenhalt / Aradurak / Rawestgeharaf

by Mirza Metin (TR)

Frank Heuel staged the world premiere of Mirza Metin’s play ZWISCHENHALT / ARADURAK / RAWESTGEHARAF in collaboration with şermola performans in three languages with a German-Kurdish-Turkish ensemble. In April 2017, the production received the Special Jury Award „Direklerarası Seyircileri“, an independent audience jury. In October 2017, it was invited to the URBÄNG Festival in Cologne and to the Performing Arts Festival in Berlin in June 2018.

ZWISCHENHALT / ARADURAK / RAWESTGEHARAF is a powerful play full of comedy and tragedy about the current situation in Turkey and about the longing to understand each other despite different origins, languages and backgrounds.

A Turk, a Kurd and a German meet at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere. A dangerous storm is threatening, they want to leave the country. While waiting for the bus, they try to get into conversation with each other, but each only knows his own mother tongue. In the course of the increasingly absurd dialogue, in which a puppet is able to overcome the language barriers for moments, it slowly becomes clear: the bus will never come.



A production of fringe ensemble/Turkey GbR in co-production with Şermola Perfomans, Istanbul. In the framework of 4Projekte Istanbul supported by: Kunststiftung NRW and Goethe Institut Istanbul.