Outside our Doors

with the authors Ivo Briedis and Lothar Kittstein

In the project OUTSIDE OUR DOORS we worked together with colleagues in Latvia and Turkey. The focus of the research project, with public try-outs in Bonn, Riga and Istanbul, was to look at our changing world together, simultaneously in different places.

We asked: What is going on out there, on our doorstep? How has our life changed in the last three quarters of a year in urban space? What is the climate between people? And how does public life in Bonn currently differ from that in other cities and countries, such as Riga (Latvia) and Istanbul (Turkey)?

We went outside together with our colleagues in Riga and Istanbul, as observers with a live cam and as flaneurs and performers – accompanied by the authors (inside) Lothar Kittstein, Ivo Briedis and Sami Özbudak, connected via digital technology. In this triadic experimental arrangement, the texts written live were to be spoken by the performers in turn to the images that were being created.

The event was streamed live.

Supported by the NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste