We the Unfinished

Project in collaboration with Lothar Kittsein and Kreuzung at St. Helena

In 2008 Lothar Kittstein led a workshop consisting of 14 citizens of Bonn, aged between 40 and 84. Participants took on the task of writing about their own lives. For this autobiographical writing workshop, the participants had five meetings with the Bonn author, who kept giving them rather broad writing assignments. No specific form was assigned. The texts were read and discussed together.

From the nearly 200 pages Kittstein drafted a collage similar to a piece of music. The 14 different voices became one imaginary person: a living mosaic of German post-war period. Severin von Hoensbroech developed this into a theatrical work in the dialogue room of St. Helena, together with actress Bettina Marugg, actor George Lennarz and a projector (the third voice).