Last Days

Frank Heuel and Lothar Kittstein met while working on the Opening Night of CLUB DER UTOPISTEN. They decided to continue the collaboration. This time Kittstein was commissioned to write a play specifically for the fringe ensemble – for the actresses Laila Nielsen and Bettina Marugg.

LAST DAYS was realized as a work-in-progress, during the course of an 8-week rehearsal period. LAST DAYS is a variation of an encounter within the spirit, within the memory, within imagination. Kittstein delivered monologue material and Heuel split the text during the rehearsals. The development of the play therefore happened parallel to the development of the production. The actresses tried text entanglements, dialogical sequences, repetitions, etc. As a result the tension of the play derives from these variations of monologue and dialogue in content and form.

The short one-hour play is a successful collaborative project between the Bonn author, Lothar Kittstein, who wrote the play especially for the fringe ensemble, commissioned by director Frank Heuel.

Above all, it was how the story was told that made the performance an experience. The linguistically beautiful text becomes absurd humor when the alternating monologues are nested and held as a conversation at the same time.
Westfälische Nachrichten

In front of shattered glass (or is it mossy marble?) Heuel stages sad scraps of the cancelled duel over Bach’s Goldberg-variations; its glass-clear and strong rhythmic language is coolly concretized by the actresses.
Leipziger Volkszeitung

For more information on the play, please visit our fringe ensemble website.

LAST DAYS is sponsored by the City of Bonn, the Prime Ministers of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Cultural Foundation Matrong.