Under the label fringe writers, the fringe ensemble initiates author & theater projects, which result in different author and ensemble constellations. Since its conception, the fringe ensemble has been known for creating its text and drafts of plays through a collaborative process.

In the last years, the ensemble has gone a step further bringing together authors from Germany, Denmark, Latvia, Russia, Italy, France, Croatia, the Netherlands, Turkey, Austria and Burkina Faso for specific theater projects.

For each project, the participating authors meet beforehand with the ensemble. They develop a basic understanding of the work methods and content in a workshop setting.

The resulting texts are developed according to the specific project: as a commissioned work or as a work-in-progress during rehearsals or real-time performances.

In the end, the theater productions create more than anything else: a multi-layered, European, even contradictory view on a specific theme or a particular story.

It is a natural matter of course, that fringe writers create a vital exchange by developing international relationships and networks.

fringe writers stands for young and individual writing, for unusual work scenarios, and for daring experiments. It stands for a variety of perspectives, languages, expression and ways of thinking. And ultimately, fringe writers stands for the understanding of a Europe, where art and culture make connections and does not remain different viewpoints which simply co-exist.

We are pleased to have you join us!

Some authors statements about their work in the context of fringe writers:

Ivo Briedis (LV)
My experience as a fringe-writer tells me that during those years I’ve been in artistic territories I would probably never visited. Fringe set the destinations but how to get there is up to yourself, just take us all further, through any path. This is very demanding yet exciting approach and very much about mutual trust. Fringe-writing as trailblazing.

Jens-Martin Eriksen (DK)
It’s been a great and inspiring experience to participate in the fringe-projects meeting other writers and the people from the fringe-group in Bonn. International workshops of this kind are rare. In both cases I have participated in the frame for the project was a defined concept, so each writher had already made up their mind in what way and from what angle their contribution to the story could be told. Through daily readings and discussions and evaluations we found the „fil rouge“ and reached the overall story. Be it a German post-war story or and intent to bring to live the new forms of conflict and challenges in Europe there was something great about the fact that you work with people from another cultural context in the search to try to find out where we are now and what is going on.

Goran Ferčec (HR)
Opportunity to collaborate with the fringe ensemble helped me to experience new methods in writing procedures. Being the part of group performing apparatus gave me new insight into the text writing dynamics, by text being performed the same day it was written. Group working sessions with other theatre makers helped me to understand my text as an open source, as a work constantly open for further development, making it possible to re-writing and reinventing it. Apart from creating the specific environment for collaborative working, fringe ensemble introduced me with other authors ans showed me that different authors poetics can work together as an integral and theatrical piece with clear political and critical statement.

Alexander Moltschanow (RU)
Participation in the fringe-witers‘ projects is very exciting experience. Writers are autistic introverts, our business is to sit in the ivory tower and put letters into words. But to have a possibility to sneak out of this tower and to see how the others are living is highly important for every writer. Communication with colleagues, exchange of experience, learning other languages and culture, synergy which charges with energy new ideas – this is priceless.

Участие в проектах fringe-writers – это очень волнующий опыт. Писатели – люди интравертные и аутичные. Наше дело – сидеть в нашей башне из слоновой кости и складывать буковки в слова. Тем более важна для каждого писателя возможность вылезть из этой башни и посмотреть на то, как живут другие люди. Общение с коллегами, обмен опытом, изучение чужого языка и чужой культуры, синергия, из которая заряжает энергией новые идеи – это бесценно.

Marie Nimier (FR)
Über Themen zu schreiben, die mir nicht vertraut sind, für Schauspieler, die mir gerade erst vertraut werden und im Austausch mit anderen Autoren, das ist eine bereichernde und herzerwärmende Erfahrung. Verbunden zu sein durch Worte, Bedenken, Besessenheiten, das bedeutet eine andere Art in der Welt zu sein. Das Schreiben ist eine einsame Angelegenheit – mit fringe writers fühle ich mich wacher, aufmerksamer. Ich entdecke andere Arten zu arbeiten, zu teilen, zu inszenieren. Indem ich meinen gewohnten Blick aufgebe, lerne ich neue Formen in Gemeinschaft kreativ zu sein. Und es gilt: Nicht die einen über den anderen, sondern die einen mit den anderen. Ein solidarischer Weg gegen Intoleranz und Fatalismus.

Ecrire sur des sujets qui ne me sont pas familiers, pour des comédiens qui commencent à l’être (familiers), et en résonance avec d’autres auteurs, est une expérience enrichissante et chaleureuse. C’est une façon différente d’être au monde, reliés par des mots, des inquiétudes, des obsessions. L’écriture est un acte solitaire – avec les fringe writers, je me sens plus réveillée, plus attentive. Je découvre d’autres façons de travailler, de partager, de mettre en scène. J’apprends, en me détournant de mon regard habituel, de nouvelles façons d’être ensemble et de créer. Non pas les uns sur les autres, mais les uns avec les autres. Une chaîne solide contre l’intolérance et la fatalité.

Andreas Vonder (NL)
Every theatrical performance is the result of an expedition , a series of attempts and failer , a journey where the destination is not on the map . Exploring New Land is the goal. The ambition and the duty of every writer (and Artist) is, to discover new land, new countries and demonstrate the journey by showing the public a mirror or shining a light on topics that are hidden in our collective shadow . To undertake such a journey you need time , financial resources and a good fellowship. Fringe Writers facilitated some of my most important expedition , my journey and ensured the best travel companion that I could wish for.

Iedere theatervoorstelling is het resultaat is van een expeditie, een aaneenschakeling van pogingen, een ontdekkingsreis waarbij de bestemming niet op de kaart staat. Nieuw land. Het is de ambitie en de plicht van iedere schrijver, iedere kunstenaar nieuw land te ontdekken en dit nieuwe land vervolgens aan het publiek te tonen door haar een spiegel voor te houden of met een lamp te schijnen op onderwerpen die in onze collectieve schaduw verborgen zijn. Om zo’n reis te kunnen ondernemen heb je tijd nodig, financiële middelen en een goed reisgezelschap. Fringe Writers heeft mijn schrijf expeditie, mijn reis meerdere malen gefaciliteerd en gezorgd voor het beste reisgezelschap dat ik mij wensen kon.