The talking dog

by Andreas Vonder

Five actors meet in an old studio to dub the film “Green Tulips”. They are waiting for the sixth person, Martha Wagner, who has a leading role in the first part of the film. The studio conditions are not optimal. The actors have to improvise to find creative solutions for the shots again and again.

DER SPRECHHUND is the third joint work by director Frank Heuel and Dutch author Andreas Vonder. According to www.hotel.e and Modus, they continue their very own and proven way of “work in progess”. The piece is created during rehearsals.

Vonder and Heuel have already proven to be specialists for the game within the game in their earlier joint projects “Modus” and “www.hotel.e”. With “Talking Dog,” they deliver a masterpiece that gives the actors plenty of room to develop.
Muenster newspaper

The author Andreas Vonder transfers the one-dimensional “talking dog” act to the actor’s sense of identity in the sense of Luigi Pirandello: “I exist, but I don’t know who I am.” … After the monologues, two scenes still have to be dubbed and the grotesque love story suddenly appears like a safe haven amid the character identities, making “Talking Dog” a great play about acting itself.
Westfälischer Anzeiger