by Andreas Vonder/Frank Heuel

“Modus” is the second collaboration with Dutch author Andreas Vonder after the successful play www.hotel.e. After the bankruptcy of the “social utopia” of the 80s, the focus has shifted to a “utopia of the individual”: The search for the ideal self is the subject of Stückes, which was created as a “work in progress.” The rehearsal process and the writing of the piece merge directly into each other.

Andreas Vonder provided text fragments, which the actors Viola Knapp, Ulrike Rehbein, Andreas Meidinger and Georg Lennarz expanded and realized. “The greater the freedom to realize the ‘ideal self,’ the emptier it feels,” Vonder writes. And it is precisely with this empty, agitated feeling that the audience leaves the room and, despite a latently unpalatable realization, is extremely enthusiastic.
Westphalian News

“Modus,” the play by Andreas Vonder, tempts four twens: throw the balls at each other, find each other, invent each other! Frank Heuel turns the material into a highly rhythmic dance between cloning and cloning, hesitation and hesitancy.
General-Anzeiger Bonn