Hotel Cairo

by Lothar Kittstein

With HOTEL KAIRO, the fringe ensemble has continued its successful collaboration with Lothar Kittstein after Letzte Tage (2007). The second commissioned work, unlike the work before it, was not created as a work-in-progress, but was completed by the author before rehearsals began. The cast was already set when the author developed the plot and characters.

With ,Hotel Kairo’, the Bonn-based author Lothar Kittstein has already written the second stage play for the fringe ensemble, which successfully celebrated its premiere at the Theater im Ballsaal with this new work about politics, ethics, religion and broken love. […] The actors talk to each other, past each other, and yet to each other again. It always remains ‘just before eleven’ in the factual situation, which is not clear. Hotel Cairo’ is grotesque, politics and ethics are successfully linked into a web of half-truths, prejudices and egoism. The piece is convincing on all levels.
campus.webby Lothar Kittstein