Macbeth over Europe

by Lothar Kittstein (DE), Ivo Briedis (LV), Goran Ferčec (HR), Alexander Molchanov (RU), Marie Nimier (FR), Ceren Ercan (TR)

In 2015 fringe ensemble (Bonn) and phoenix5 (Münster) started their large-scale project DAS GROSSE WELTTHEATER. In 2016 audiences will see the latest instalment of said project. MACBETH over Europe, a collective piece of work by the fringe writers, will hit the stage in spring. Six writers from all over Europe were asked to write texts based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Each writer was asked to write one text and all of the writers were asked to contribute their texts to the project MACBETH over Europe.

What is done cannot be undone

The play is mainly about power and guilt, order and chaos. It discusses the supernatural energy of godly order and focuses on the clamour against nature and fate. Macbeth is a bloody parable about the abyss of the human existence and the people’s inability to act in an ethically correct way. It is a play about disturbed souls in the merciless woods of history.
As such the play constantly offers ways to showcase conflicts and a diagnosis of contemporary social circumstances. This applies particularly to present Europe in its whirl. After all, it is somewhere between autonomy and heteronomy. Europe is in danger of tearing itself apart, thanks to the ‘dark’ forces of the market and its own claims. It is hardly able to keep and defend its structure.

The writers, along with Frank Heuel (director and concept) and Harald Redmer (dramaturgy), met in early December for a workshop in Münster and discussed the project’s rules as well as the substantially cornerstones regarding the project’s content.

The workshop’s participants agreed on the following conditions:

  • The text will be set in the present.
  • The text will be set in the respective home country of its writer.
  • Every fringe writer will individually choose a situation from Shakespeare’s MACBETH and incorporate it into his or her text.
  • Every fringe writer will choose a line from Shakespeare’s MACBETH and incorporate it into his or her text.
  • Every fringe writer will create a manuscript of approximately 10 pages and hand it in on time. The scripts will provide the basis of the staging of MACBETH over Europe.

Direction Frank Heuel // Stage and costume design Annika Ley // Dramaturgy Harald Redmer // With Nicole Kersten, Bettina Marugg, Oleg Zhukov, David Fischer, Maciek Brzoska, Manuel Klein

Opening night 19 th of May 2016

MACBETH over Europe is a project by fringe ensemble/Welttheater GbR and phoenix5 in cooperation with theaterimballsaal, Bonn and Theater im Pumpenhaus, Münster. Funded by : Bundesstadt Bonn, Stadt Münster, Kunststiftung NRW, Kulturstiftung Matrong.

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